Maitreya is the Living God

Introduction to the Buddha/Christ Earth Mission

“Since the time of Creation, God has been visiting Earth. In many cultures around the world on every continent of Earth and in all the major religions we have seen reference of the Sun Gods. This designation refers to the Cosmic Avatars as emanations of God incarnate into a Human body. These Avatars are unborn. They are able to take on a Human suit and live on Earth at will. At Earth’s beginning there was a malevolent demon Avatar equal to the Sun Gods, except he chose to enslave the Human race living on Planet Earth. His Avatar form was an Annunaki. A dragon-man form originally from the Planet Niburu as we have records in the Sumerian texts. He is known as Anu, describing his form, his name is also Jehovah. Jehovah is not the same one as YAHWEH.

Both Emmanuel, who was later called Jesus in rewrites of the Bible and Buddha are the same Being. Emmanuel and Buddha are both God incarnate on Earth. The One True God from the Godhead and a personification of the Holy Trinity. Buddha lived on Earth in India, China and Japan. He lived there with his wife and son. Much of Emmanuel’s teachings in the Christian Bible have been rewritten by men and little of his original teachings are left. Anu used Emmanuel’s life and words to his own advantage. Anu told humanity Jesus would return and he did this to keep Humanity believing it is satisfactory to die because they will be forgiven all their sins and Jesus will be back. God has never left Earth. 

This programming keeps the enslaved from evolving out of pain and suffering and renders them essentially impossibly imprisoned in the wheel of reincarnation returning to the Planet Earth in a new Human suit without their memories and completely devoid of being able to comprehend their True Divine Nature. This is how Humanity has been working as soldiers in endless war on Earth for aeons of time. This duality realm has come to an end. The immediate now is when Humans have the ability to integrate the teachings of Buddha/Christ in the last opportunity on Earth. The Buddha was not a Buddhist. He was born into a Hindu family just as Jesus was born into a Jewish family. The Sutras of Buddha are the place to begin. Only in the last 2 or 3 decades have the Sutra's begun being translated to English. Universal law has been protected from rewrites.

There is no difference between becoming a Christ or becoming a Buddha. This Avatar as the incarnation of God as a Human is no different from you or me. We are all the same. We are equal. Key is learning what suffering is and learning your Path out of suffering, forever. This website will be sharing the true Cosmic history and will give you the tools you may use to apply in your daily life to achieve Enlightenment. This information cannot be provided by a person, not by an organization, not by a religion. Buddha’s teachings are God’s Word. It is Universal Law. It is meant for people of every religion, every age, creed, race and nationality. All you have to do is read it and apply it to your life. There is no other Way. This is the next step in healing and liberating Mother Earth for her Cosmic Ascension. A Human Network of love and thanksgiving for Mother Earth with obtaining your individual Enlightenment is the Highest Mission and it is the clarion call for each Human alive to obtain their Heavenly Sovereign expression of their Eternal Beingness while in a Human body during this life as a final hope to save Earth before it's too late.” - Elizabeth Trutwin

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 “Maitreya, also known as Mida, Śākyamuni Buddha, Siddhartha, known in the Vedas as Sananda and Emmanuel, also known as Jesus are all Sun Gods. These are an Avatar who returned to Earth in several lifetimes to assist Humanity with the true knowledge. And He never left. Truth is self-expression of our Infinite-Self while living on Earth in the Human form. That is Universal Law even on other Planets. Universally this is known as The Way of the Buddha. We are all evolving to become the Buddha. The Enlightened One. We are on Earth to Enlighten. I am a medium who brings messages from Maitreya which I receive telepathically.” ~ Elizabeth Trutwin

Lotus Sutra

Father God incarnate on Earth