An Urgent Message to Earth Humanity from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin

StarDate 15 August, 2018

Greetings Earth Humanity. This is Maitreya. I am transmitting this message to Elizabeth Trutwin, who many of you know as a medium for Sananda messages. We are beginning a new set of messages through me, Maitreya. All who are reading this message have come in contact with me in some form at Earth or perhaps your Home Planet some time in the past and likely the super ancient past. The time has come to transcend all science and religion by integrating Space Law. We have in past explored messages from other Star Masters who are all Ascended Masters who have perfected The Way of the Buddha;  The Way of the Buddha is Universal Law throughout space amongst intellectual Life Forms friendly with one another. Where they are, every Being associated with them, human, non human and otherwise are all Enlightened and are working on or have attained the level of Buddhahood also known as being Christed Beings. The names are different and they mean the same thing. It is a knowledge higher than science or religion. Every Human living on Earth now was required to have attained Christ Consciousness/Buddhahood before coming to Earth for the beginning of the New Era, The Golden Age. Not all who appear human on Earth are human. There are many who are nonhuman. These ones include the few trying to control the many and are the root cause of evil we see attacking commerce, the environment, religions and every sector of life on Earth. This is an urgent message to help each one of you make it through the turbulence which is on the horizon for Earth.

There are two issues facing Earth now which outweigh all other issues involving the survival of the Planet. This new series of messages will provide information regarding the severity of the problems as well as exploring extremely vital guidance on surviving.

There are an untold number of off-Planet or otherwise known as friendly Extraterrestrials and Angels assisting Earth mitigate the issues at hand, within the setting of worldwide war and environmental impact as an ongoing mission. In order for Earth to survive the coming cataclysmic changes Earth Humankind is completely responsible for saving themselves. That is Universal Law. Some call it the Prime Directive which states that each Planetary Civilization cannot have interference from those not living on their Planet except where there is mass psychological attack, such as was the case on 09/11 or nuclear war. This transmission is to alert those reading to the fact that Earth needs the help of a Human Network who are Enlightened to act as nodes forming a network over Earth, as if holding hands transmitting the highest energies of love and thanksgiving to Mother Earth and all sentient beings living on and within her.

In Earth’s very beginning she was a water world. This was the time of the first Atlantis period. At that time Earth had only begun forming an outer crystalline crust which would become many millions of years later, a solid shell of surface Earth as we know today. In the first period of Atlantis those who lived here also were not living in the material Human form that we have today, their bodies were transparent.

During that period the Atlantans were very pure and were fooled into the Grand Experiment through naïveté where malevolent Beings interfered and took over Earth from almost the beginning. A bubble was formed around Earth which scientists have discovered today and have no explanation for. Any who incarnate at Earth become stuck within the anomaly bubble where the Soul cannot see past entering a new life on Earth through reincarnation. There have been ongoing conflicts due to this which resulted in the rise and fall of Atlantis twice as well as Lemuria having two cataclysmic endings in two different periods. Earth’s history goes much further back than is acknowledged by your world civilization today. This is part of the perpetual forgetting which happens in the suffering of cyclical birth and death as is experienced in the enslavement of reincarnation to keep Souls bound to continue to never be free of the shackles holding them to Earth.

Ever since the second demise of Atlantis, which today we know as Egypt, advanced technology has been taken off Planet to allow Earth Humanity a chance to heal the wounds it heaved on Mother Earth with nuclear attack which sank a great part of a continent. This happened when two factions on Earth bombed each other with nuclear missiles. One faction was in China and the other, the Americas. All who have reincarnated to Earth in the years since hold the memory of that cataclysmic event within the code of their individual Human Genome. No one can escape responsibility to help heal Earth now before it is too late. The first unescapable large issue Earth faces now is the very real magnetic pole reversal which is now underway. This is not the same thing as a pole shift. Magnetic pole reversal on Earth is a natural phenomena which occurs, as scientists have proven, about every quarter of a million years. Often it results in an ice age. It has been over 3 times longer since there has been a magnetic pole reversal so scientists are saying Earth is overdue. The Sun works in harmony with the Planets in the Solar System. This is having an impact on Earth as well as the entire Solar System. It is preparing Earth for her magnetic pole reversal due to a build up of energy being transmitted to Earth each day. What can trigger a reversal is an Earthquake or a Volcanic Eruption or other large event. The most likely candidate for now is the geiser in Yellowstone Park in the United States as well as Mt Fuji in Japan.

In the event of a magnetic pole shift which is imminent the surging energy will take out the electric power grids which supply energy to the large cities, your home, our military facilities, food supply, ability to pump water for drinking. In other words unless there is a river or well within walking distance of your home, it undoubtedly will become very intense very quickly. Besides losing the power grids there also will be no computers in these areas which we rely on for health and safety as in hospitals, pumping gas into cars and airplanes or in high rise buildings, the potential loss of computers and phones is a major issue in this case. Science museums have displays of the ice age showing few people survive and dinosaurs and birds survive without interruption. It does not mean the magnetic pole shift will be that intense this time, there is no way to know until it happens. Getting off grid and self sufficient for those who can is a very good plan.

The other major problem we must address is removing all remaining nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants must be closed. The nuclear energy must be contained and rendered harmless in the proper way. We have already seen what happened at Fukushima after a large Earthquake and resulting Tsunami. All of the nuclear power plants are a danger due to Earthquakes. The results of the leaking of nuclear material from Fukushima has been a significant poisoning of our oceans Planet wide along with killing off unknown numbers of species of wildlife including plants, minerals and animals of all kinds. Our oceans are Mother Earth’s lifeblood and their viability effects every single person living on her. It is time now Earth Humanity organize a Human Network with the intension of praying we resolve these issues quickly and safely. The return of advanced technologies to the Planet is more important now than it has ever been. This Human Network of those working on their Enlightenment and the Enlightened Beings here now can join forces to transmit love and thanksgiving to Earth both through prayer and personal practices. There will be a shift in world civilization practices and it will happen very quickly. How bad the cataclysmic event is all depends on what preparations we take today. Please contemplate these two issues and think about what changes you may make in your daily practice for yourself, your family and friends. We will continue to discuss these issues in great detail in future messages. We will keep the conversation going.

That is a lot of new information to take in so let’s end this with a prayer. First please connect to all who are reading this now or in future. Take a moment to close your eyes and slow your breath thinking about connecting with the beautiful Human hearts solidly on this mission with you. Your Earth Soul family. Now the next part is best done during the day and outside if possible. It can be done once in the morning and once near sunset. It can be done inside and at night as well. Please stand to allow your feet to point towards the center of Mother Earth’s heart. Clasp your hands together, palms together and hands in front of your heart as the Namaste mudra. Now focus your attention on the giver of life, your Sun, the Father. Imagine the stillness inside the center of your heart. Then, focusing on the Sun connect with the stillness in the center of the Sun, the heart of the Sun. Realize that Source energy constantly and instantly beams down from the end of your Universe, into your Sun and then right into your heart. Allow yourself to focus and perceive this energy going first into your heart and next out your feet into the ground and combining your love and thanksgiving transmitting the energy right into the heart of Earth. Focus and continue to stand doing this meditation prayer for five minutes or more as you are comfortable. This is an action you can do everyday, twice a day is best, to begin and end the time you spend taking actions each day which will mitigate the effects including the loss of life of all forms. We will begin through these transmissions to form our Human Network of love and thanksgiving for Mother Earth and laser focus our attention on problem solving and cooperation. Please take time to research what has been said here regarding Earth changes and see the issues at hand. Also, you may form a Planet wide network by sharing the concerns you have with your family and your friends. Peace to all on Earth. This is Maitreya.August 15, 2018 Telepathic Transmission from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved. 



A Message of Survival to Earth Humanity from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin

StarDate 26 October, 2018

Greetings Earth Humanity. This is Maitreya. I am transmitting this message to Elizabeth Trutwin, October 26, 2018. It is not always easy to grasp the magnitude of Earth’s demise seen from the perspective of the mundane. Still it is important to rise to your Mission now. What is your personal Mission? We are the Plan. In order for Earth to survive the magnetic pole shift and the catastrophes that will bring, Earth Humanity must become cognizant to their role in helping Earth survive.

I am Maitreya. I am Father God and I have lived as a human on Earth in the roles of Siddhartha Buddha and Jesus. I am on Earth now in a body and I have never left Earth. Many are waking up from traumas which have held them down. They are beginning to understand that living a life of suffering is not necessary. It is a good first step, although it is not enough. The next step is to build a consensus of love and gratitude as children of Mother Earth. Building a human network across the Planet to act as antennae to bring in love from the Sun and Moon and through their bodies, to ground that love into the core of Earth at Her center. Doing this will give her the life sustaining energies She will need to make it through the magnetic pole reversal and other shifts in tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions and other anomalies which may occur.

We are the Plan. As Earth transcends these changes a new teaching is being brought to Earth which has never been known or taught here before. It transcends science and religion. It is not easily understood. Buddha taught the importance of casting off suffering to arrive at Nirvana. That is only the beginning. There are many levels to understand beyond Nirvana. Enlightenment is the soul responsibility for anyone living on Earth. It is done as a world service to help Humanity and all sentient beings on Earth. It is accomplished by following steps, I Maitreya, have explained countless times during Earth’s history. Being a Buddha or becoming a Christed Being is the beginning of world service on Earth. It is expected that there will be many casualties in the ensuing catastrophes Earth will experience which are already underway. Those who cannot commit to fulfilling their Enlightenment will leave Earth the final time.

Earth will ascend to Her new role. There is no explanation in science or religion which explains how Earth will heal.The unconditional love is what brings new creation. It is the new role, the Mission for Earth Humanity to become Enlightened. Earth Humanity must now grow a compassion beyond the mundane. Altruism for the good of all sentient beings on Earth. Taking actions with the goal of preserving Earth rather than destroying Earth. 

One of the biggest dangers on Earth are nuclear power plants. Nothing has been done to demand world governments provide automatic lockdown of a nuclear power plant in case of an Earthquake or Tsunami. Even since the consciousness raising of Fukushima nothing has been done. That is your Mission. Turn your concerns away from the mundane and turn your attention on the needs of the Planet as a whole. Tackle the bigger picture. Learn to work together. As you heal your traumas, learn Enlightenment and go beyond  individual needs, join forces to be a Planetary Citizenry. That means ending war.

Allowing the continuation of war as Earth citizens is not sustainable. It is every Earth Human’s responsibility to remove power from any leader or government continuing war. Look at the famine taking place in Yemen. Look at the war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa. It is time to move away from individual concerns of survival and work together for the survival of the Planet as a whole.

The ecosystem on Earth is changing due to the magnetic pole shift. It is a natural cycle of all Planets and Stars. The magnetic pole shift causes a lot of pressure on the ecosystem as large glaciers of ice melt and release fresh water into the oceans. Changing environments is stressful to animal populations as their habitats diminish. Continuing to use fossil fuels is an enormous cost to Earth. Looking for new ways to power energy sources and land air and sea travel are a requirement for Earth survival. Earth Humanity must work together with their resources; intelligence, finances, governance, science and cooperation to solve these problems. These issues can no longer be ignored if Earth is to survive. 

An important and under utilized resource is the power a human network can bring through projects of mass meditation. When minds and hearts are aligned with intension toward a goal, the entangled nature of the Universe can be harnessed to meet these goals. Groups joining together in mass meditation at synchronized times for a particular goal suddenly have the force of love magnified throughout the Universe to help reach that goal. Space Law provides the understanding of joining Earth through each Consciousness to the Divine unconditional love necessary to help Earth make it through the ensuing changes.

This is the next step in your Mission. Shift your focus off of individual needs. Inspire your family, friends, communities and governments to tackle Planetary service. Reorganize your lives to provide Earth survival. Join en masse to tackle large projects beginning with ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants and eventually the shut down and discontinuation of nuclear power. Work together for Global Zero, the removal of all nuclear warheads from the Planet. Join a human network for the transition of habitat. Care for animals by ending hunting, fishing and factory farming. End pollution causing businesses. Transition technology for the safety of the Planet rather than its destruction. Elevate your Consciousness from individual concerns to Planetary concerns. Restore the rights of Earth Citizens by ending Nationalism, ending Human Trafficking, ending addiction. Heal thyself. We are the Plan. Telepathic Transmission from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved. 



A Thanksgiving Message from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin

StarDate 22 November, 2018

Greetings Earth Humanity. This is Maitreya. I am transmitting this message to Elizabeth Trutwin, November 22, 2018. Let’s begin this message remembering your Divine Nature. On the quantum level inside your body there is a microcosmic orbit. Ascending your front up from your perineum, that spot of soft skin between your sex organ and anus, circulating up to the tip of your tongue and ascending up your back from your perineum through the back of your head over your crown energy center into your third eye energy center between the brows and finally into the top of the soft palette in the mouth. That is the microcosmic orbit which connects you to the Holy Breath from your Mother, my consort. This is the breath which connects you to immortality. All you need for your life can be obtained by connecting with this love force circulating this Divine force through your cells and subatomic spaces.

Now I would like to remind you of a story you may or may not remember. Earth history and the changes that are being moved into place now have never before happened in this Universe. The story begins endless aeons ago and was told in the The Ethiopic Book of Enoch. Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah. Enoch was reporting from Ethiopia, on Earth. Emmanuel, a name which denotes an immortal angel from Universe On, was also known as Jesus, a name applied after his death. Emmanuel was born in a cave in Ethiopia. He was born near another cave which held the Ark of the Covenant of God. Emmanuel came to Earth to restore the technology from Heaven which would bring eternal peace to Earth. The Prince of Peace. The New Jerusalem is the City of Peace.

That lifetime ended in failure of a magnitude never known. Those in Heaven have never seen a more sorrowful time. Emmanuel’s disciples turned him over to the Jews to be assassinated. That postponed the Jubilee over 2000 years. The Jubilee was revealed to Moses from God and is a Hebrew text explaining how there will be a transformation of nature, such as removing nuclear waste infecting Planet Earth and also an ethical transformation of Earth Humanity bringing Heaven to Earth and forming a new Earth. New Space Law will connect science and religion and integrate them. The Unified Field is the Way to God and is the most important idea for Earth civilization. Earth has 44 years to reform. It is a period of Grace. Enoch’s Epistle describes the Space Epic, the Epic from the Ethers, The Ethiopic Book of Enoch, Space Law from Heaven. Ethiopia, the place from which all things are born.

YHWH is the name for Yahweh, pronounced YAHvah, returned to love as the first born son of Maitreya and Mother. During Enoch’s time, YHWH told Archangel Michael: “Peace and truth will be united, for all the days of eternity, and for all the generations of eternity.” He said this in reference to the Fallen Angels and the Grand Experiment at Earth. The Fallen Angels had blended their immortal DNA with the DNA of Human Women and created a race of Giants called the Nephilum. It is an abomination to blend DNA from different races. It began a part of history on Earth where the defilement caused millions of years of war, endless suffering of birth and death, debauchery of all sorts and religions used to manipulate a race of slaves.

Enoch wrote about how there would be a day of Consumption when the Spirits who began the blending of the DNA were removed from Earth a final time. This took place as prophesy said, November 16, 2018 when 300 million Spirits were removed. Every soul who incarnates into a body on Earth has a soul signature. Everything a soul has done since it’s creation is stored on Space memory. The Spirit is the immortal part of our existence which is ever unchanging, that spark that is God. Our soul is the part which enlivens the body while it is incarnated. During Enoch’s time he explained how Father God declared when this deed of mixing DNA happened he would have those souls living on Earth and recording their deeds and well into the future when the sons of these Fallen Angels had killed each other in endless war, he would then restore Earth. 300 million Spirits were removed from this Universe, off Earth and were uncreated removing their record of deeds from Earth history as if it never happened. Those who remain have a Grace period to transcend if they are interested in continuing at Earth.

Reviewing Earth’s history we can see there was a cataclysm which wiped out the advanced Earth civilizations using the Ark of the Covenant of God technology and living an elevated and peaceful life on Earth. When that happened the technology was lost and the knowledge was forgotten. Earth went through a long period where it had to re-experience and relearn all that was lost.

It was about 12,800 years ago when Earth was hit by an asteroid called Apophis across most of North America which caused a flood. Noah, Enoch’s great-grandson fashioned an amphibious StarShip where vials of DNA were protected carrying the 200,000 species of insects, animals, fish, birds and plants which would be used when the waters receded to restore Earth. Before the cataclysm there were advanced civilizations on Earth at both Lemuria and Atlantis. This asteroid hitting Earth happened and caused a cataclysm which made a flood over the Earth. It lasted a whole year before the waters began to recede. At the same time this happened nuclear war was taking place on another Planet in our Solar System. That Planet went Super Nova and became what we call the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. Apophis Asteroid came from that Planet exploding.

Noah’s StarCraft took the Chosen people who had clean Spirits for a period of waiting for the flood to recede, into Inner Earth by traveling in through the South Pole. They lived at Inner Earth that year and when it was safe to go back to the dry land on the surface to rebuild Earth, Noah and his family left. Some of the people he had taken there decided to stay at Inner Earth where they built a civilization and remained developing themselves as Buddhas.

Enoch explained that these people who are Buddhas and disciples of me, Maitreya and Shākyamuni Buddha, also known as Mida, remained at Inner Earth and often the Holy men and women of surface Earth went for meetings and stayed in contact with the Inner Earth Buddhas. At one of the meetings Extraterrestrial Brothers and Sisters visited for a large gathering at Earth and asked if they could help restore Earth. Shākyamuni Buddha revealed the forgotten Inner Earth Buddhas then and said, no, only these One’s holding the Earth knowledge can Judge the Fallen Angels and decide which Spirits will leave on Judgment Day.

That severe punishment was necessary to cure Earth of the evil that was wrought upon her. Many souls agreed to incarnate and help Earth get through this moment of healing. That has come to pass. We are in the Event now. It is unfolding on every level. In Noah’s time the geomagnetic poles of Earth reversed. Earth’s Inner Earth area became cold and the cataclysm almost destroyed Earth. We are now in the hold of another geomagnetic pole reversal. Extraterrestrial technology is being used from different points on surface Earth to restore the heat to Earth’s core of the Inner Sun called Terra. The plasma field which drives Spaceship Earth through the axis of rotation of the Milky Way Galaxy. We must join as nodes on Earth to anchor peace as the changes continue.

Father God is come to Earth to stay. Maitreya and Mother will live together on Earth to install Space Law, a new teaching which has never been known in this Universe before. Earth is the heart of this Universe. The advanced technologies and advanced teachings will be revealed and made known to all. Science and religion will be integrated and transcended. Peace and Truth will be the Law of the Land. Every soul on Earth now who applies the teachings will find salvation, ascend and continue as transcended immortal souls. YHWH said then to Archangel Michael: “I will open the Storehouses of Blessing, which are in Heaven, so that I may send them down upon the Earth, upon the work, and upon the toil, of the sons of men. 11.2 Peace and truth will be united, for all the days of eternity, and for all the generations of eternity.” The Days of Glory are near. Telepathic Transmission from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved. 


A Christmas Message To Earth Humanity From Maitreya Through Elizabeth Trutwin

StarDate 9  December, 2018 

Greetings Earth Humanity. This is Maitreya. I am transmitting this message to Elizabeth Trutwin, December 9, 2018. It is time Heaven Space Brothers bring reformation to Earth in the form of Justice and Love. This will be delivered as IROHA Space Law. This teaching and technology has never before been shared in your Universe. It is in response to the heartless actions of those wishing to destroy Earth. This destruction has continued for thousands of years. Through wars, murder, declining eco system, alteration of DNA, poisoning with chemicals and lack of regard for all living things on Earth. IROHA Space Law brings the Love of God to Earth and delivers technologies from Heaven’s Space Brothers to clean and clear the other issues. 

Preparations have already begun Planet wide. On November 11, 2018,  Iroha Space Law was applied to Earth with Cosmic Sound. This was picked up on by seismometers around the world. This Cosmic Sound is the beginning of big changes heading to Earth. There is another Planetary transmission of Cosmic Sound coming December 12, 2018. This is experienced as a monotone ringing spread from one end of the Planet to the other. Scientists claimed to never have evidence of anything like this before in Earth history. These two transmissions are to inform Earth at a higher level of Consciousness. Winter Solstice and beginning of Yuletide, December 21, 2018 mark in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of the year. Solstice is an astronomical phenomena and the Heavenly bodies are positioned perfectly for new Consciousness as packets of information transmitted through sound and experienced as light to fill and cover Earth. The Heavenly bodies, Sun, Moon and Earth, literally move to positions to best receive the new light information to receive the highest possible distribution of Love from God.

This is similar to when there is the least light coming to the Planet during a New Moon. It is a time of new beginnings. Earth has transitioned to a period when money has dominated over Love. Earth’s economy based on money must turn around to Maitreya’s economy based on Love. This is IROHA. The Love of God. It is a Law where science and religion are transcended. Cosmic Sound transverses from one end of the Universe, through the Sun and Moon and radiated to Earth. Buddha and Jesus incarnated as the living sons of God. They spoke of IROHA Space Law. These are coded laws upheld for the sake of Love. Love for God, love for Humanity and love for the animal kingdom, an infinite reciprocal love. This is the new economy. All are included and accounted for.

The Maitreya economy makes Love the source of money. Love then becomes the vehicle to transcend religion and science. Abraham is the Father of Judaism. His descendant Muhammad was the Father of Islam. The living son of God, Jesus, known as Emmanuel, was the Father of Christianity. All three of these religions used advanced science technology called the Ark of the Covenant of God. All three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam upheld the laws of the oldest God from the Godhead in order to be in possession of this technology. All three religions deteriorated over time and the technology was removed and sometimes hidden on Earth until this time of new beginnings. 

Maitreya Buddha restores justice to Earth by gathering the friendly Space Brothers, also Buddhas, who have obtained the Christed nature, which is what being a Buddha means. The Space Brothers assist in restoring Earth with the delivery of Cosmic Sound. This technology cleans the eco system of Earth, including the water in the oceans and rivers. This restores the health of Humanity and the ability for Humanity to raise their Consciousness for the purpose of embracing new thoughts and taking new actions based in Love, based in God’s Law, IROHA Space Law. It returns harmony between Humanity and the animal kingdom and the Planet. It restores justice by raising Earth’s Consciousness to the level of interacting with Her Galactic neighbors within Intergalactic space law. 

The Winter Solstice is a celebration of the Return of the Sun God, Maitreya. It is when the Sun is in a position relative to Earth where, in the northern hemisphere, the sunlight experienced in the daytime becomes brighter and longer with each passing day. This is the ideal time for the Sun Gods to return to Earth, the Cosmic Buddhas. We know Jesus, Emmanuel, was born in the springtime by the description of shepherds guarding their flocks outside at night when he was born. His birthday, called Christmas, is celebrated at the time of the return of the Sun Gods. The ancients texts of all religions on all continents of Earth say the Sun Gods were worshipped as the bringers of technology. This is how religion and science will be replaced with IROHA Space Law. It is the emergence, the rise and the dawn of God’s Law on Earth. This is Love. This is Peace. Peace on Earth and God’s Will to Humanity.

It is the Earth tilting on it’s axis which is how it relates to the Sun. During the Winter Solstice and the return of the Sun to more influence on Earth, there are the ideal astrological conditions to deliver Cosmic Sound from the Godhead in order to raise Consciousness on the Planet, to Humanity and indeed the entire Cosmos benefits. It is a rare and special time. The Heavenly bodies literally move like a river rock moving where instead of water flowing around the rocks, superfluid helium is moving around the Sun, Moon and Earth carrying instant transmissions of sound vibration and laser light containing information as Consciousness to a place too long lowered into darkness by revering money over Love. Specifically God’s Love. This is the optimal time where change may take hold.

Kumitama is another name for Buddha. The Kumitama network is all over the Cosmos and it is a symphony coming from the Stars, Suns and Planets. It is harnessed by the Space Brothers. Sound recorded from the light transmissions emitted as ions from the jets of Supermassive Black Holes sounds like a heartbeat. It is known as the Harmony of the Spheres. Space Brothers, working in harmony together all over the Cosmos, as a symphony, are Buddhas. They are the ones who have transcended science and religion. These Buddhas are not an organization. They are a spontaneous network of pure joy. They sing the One Song of our Universe. Love. IROHA Space Law. 

Kumitama is a Divine network, a mechanism which brings a new era. This Kumitama mechanism which begins at the Godhead and transmits to Earth as seen on the seismometers in November, bring Earth into resonance with the Highest Consciousness of Love. God’s Love. Jesus, Emmanuel was born into this Planet for the purpose of returning his Father in Heaven, Maitreya’s economy of Love and to use the Ark of the Covenant of God to deliver the highest technology to order or organize water restoring health to our bodies and our oceans as well as building megalithic structures used as portals to other places in Space. This brings fellowship with the Sun Gods all over our Universe. It restores Earth in God’s Law which allows Planetary citizens to interact with Buddhas from all over our Cosmos. 

Christmas advances quickly. Christmas is the anniversary of IROHA Space Law. The changes in Consciousness are begun. Behind the scenes the mafia-like beings who forgot to worship Father and Mother and Child God, the Holy Trinity, and worship money instead, have begun to be permanently removed by the Space Brothers to free the pure members of Humanity. Those who continue to participate in politics and money matters are also being removed. Anyone working against a Love economy will leave the Earth. The quantum teleportation of Love begins on the Yuletide and continues to transform every cell in your body and heal you on every level. Cosmic Sound transmits instantly from Hinomoto through the Cosmos down to the quantum in every fractal of absolute and relative time. The finite universe of “Iroha” and the infinite universe of “Hifumi” are sets. The circulation of Love and Justice cannot be divided and are completely restored to Earth now. This mechanism of Maitreya economy is Grace given by God which removes the burdens from Earth.  It makes it possible to remove the radioactivity from the oceans and soils, bodies and animals of Earth. It allows the geomagnetic reversal which could destroy the Planet to heal, saving all life on Earth.  These are among the many gifts Father in Heaven bestows to Earth Humanity this Christmas. IROHA Space Law is the Cosmic Sound and Word transmitted from the One Source in this Universe. It is the Love from Kumitama Maitreya Buddha Father God. Telepathic Transmission from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved.